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Arizona Cities Word Search Game

Arizona state flag

Which US state is home to the Grand Canyon? It's none other than Arizona, also known as the Copper State. Its capital and largest city is Phoenix, while its regions include Eastern Arizona, the Greater Phoenix area, Northern, South Central and Western Arizona.

During the Mexican-American War in 1847, the United States occupied Mexico City. The northern part of Mexico later on became Arizona, and it officially became a US state on February 14, 1912. Federal blue and old gold are the Arizona state colors, while its motto is "Ditat Deus" which roughly translates to "God enriches".

The name of the state is a Spanish version of arizonac. This is a Pima-Indian term for 'place of the small spring'. Another version of the name's origin is that it is from the Aztec term arizuma which means 'silver bearing'. There are 3 national parks, 28 state parks and 6 state forests in Arizona.

See if you can find all the hidden Arizona Cities words in the game before your points fall to zero.

When you find a hidden word, click on the first letter of the word and drag to the last letter of the word. The words can be forwards, backwards, vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

You can start all over again by clicking on the "Restart" button and make a new game. Use the "Grid" button to change the size of the game

Did you know the Apache Trout is the state fish of Arizona?"

There is lots more information you can find out about Arizona Cities and the State of Arizona.

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