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How the Rainbow got its Colors
By Julia - Aged 9
Joliet - Illinois, USA

Flowers in meadowOnce in a small meadow it started to rain, and beautiful colorful flowers began to bloom.

After the rain stopped the sun came out and there was an odd rainbow that had no color.

The beautiful colors on the flowers dripped into a large puddle on the dewy grass.

RainbowWhen the sun heated up, the colors that had formed into a puddle evaporated into the rainbow!!!!

And that’s how a rainbow got it’s colors!! 

PS: the rainbow is now happy!!!!!


Why the Moon has Craters
By Hope - Aged 10
Joliet - Illinois, USA

Why does the moon have craters? Do you know why the moon has craters?

Summer day moonThe moon has craters because one day, on a hot summer day, me and my friends went up to the moon. We brought all of our Po-go sticks and started to jump. We jumped so high that we could see the whole galaxy!

Craters in the moonIn that one day we made millions of holes in the moon. And we kept jumping and making bigger holes day after day. Then at the end of the month we went back down to Earth.

I climbed into bed looked out my window and saw the moon. It wasn’t blank any more. I saw all the holes that we’d made during that month!

That’s how the moon got its craters!


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