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Oban's Myths & Legends

How Raven Brought Light and Why Seagulls Cry (continued)
Native American Legend
retold by Oban

Oban the Knowledge Keeper

Raven offered to help pull the thorns out of Seagull’s foot. But instead of pulling the thorns out, Raven pushed them in further.

“Caaaaa, Caaaa!” cried out Seagull in pain. “You are hurting me!”

“I am sorry.” said Raven. “It’s so dark I can’t see the thorns properly. If you let some light out of your box I could get them out quickly and the pain will stop.”

At first Seagull refused. He knew Raven was crafty and might be trying to trick him. Raven pretended again to pull the thorns out, but pushed them in further.

“Caaaaa, Caaaaa!” cried out Seagull in pain. “Alright, alright I will let some light out.”

Seagull opened his box a little and a small amount of warm light escaped and reached up towards the sky.

Raven in sunlightFor the first time Raven could see the stars and he thought they were beautiful.

“Please Raven, you have light now. Pull out the thorns. The pain is awful!” cried Seagull.

Raven pushed the thorns in harder and shouted “Quickly Seagull! Give me more light. I nearly have them out. A little more light and the pain will end.”

Seagull opened his box wider and big piece of light leapt out, dazzling Seagull.

While Seagull was blinded by the light Raven reached over and pushed the box out of Seagull’s hands. It fell to the ground and all the light spilled out, spreading a warm glow over the land and reaching up to the stars in the sky.

That is how Raven brought light to the world and why you sometimes see Seagull standing on one foot and crying.

The thorn is still in Seagull’s foot and the pain reminds him of the time he would not share the light to make the world a warm wonderful place.

The End

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