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Oban's Myths & Legends

The Buffalo and The Grizzly Bear (continued)
Native American - Omaha Legend
retold by Oban

Oban the Knowledge Keeper

“Run you coward!” Bear shouted at Buffalo, but Bear didn’t sound as confident as before.

Suddenly Buffalo lowered his head and rushed at Bear, his horns pointing straight at him. The sound of Buffalo's hooves was like thunder.

Buffalo hit Bear and sent him flying through the air. Bear landed with a thump on the trail several yards away.

As Bear tried to scramble to his feet Buffalo rushed at him again, sharp horns pointed right at him.

Bear tried to back away, clawing at the ground with his back feet, and fell down the steep river bank onto some rocks.

Grizzly BearBuffalo stood and looked down at Bear, lying hurt and bruised on the rocks.

“Please don’t hurt me with your horns!” pleaded Bear.

Buffalo tossed his shaggy head and pawed the ground with his front hooves. “You’re just a bully. You pick on others who you think are weaker than yourself” he said.

“I should finish you now.”

“Please let me go, and I promise I will make peace with you and I won’t fight again” pleaded Bear, trying to slide off the rocks.

“Alright,” said Buffalo “But you must stop being a bully.”

Buffalo let Bear climb back up the river bank. Since that time Bear and Buffalo have been at peace with each other.

Bear can still have a bad temper sometimes, but never around Buffalo.

The End

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