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Animal Facts

Bison continued


Hunting bisonFor 10,000 years huge herds of bison roamed across the Great Plains and other parts of what is now called North America.

The animals were very important to Native American people, who hunted them for food and used the skins for clothes. They wasted nothing and used all the parts of the animal for different things.

In the 1800s, after Europeans arrived, there was a lot more hunting and the bison became endangered. Today herds are being restocked and the bison is a protected animal.

Herds of Plains Bison are now found in many places from northern Mexico up to Alaska and in Hawaii. Most Wood Bison are found in Canada and Alaska.

A Plains BisonBison can live in hot and cold climates, in rough rocky areas or on flat prairies (grassy plains with no trees).

In places where it snows, they can push the snow out of the way with their large heads and use their muzzles (jaws) to find the grass underneath.

A bison in a snow stormTo get water they can eat snow or break ice with their muzzles. They love water and can smell it from miles away – and they are good swimmers.





Bison are herbivores, or plant eaters. They graze on prairie grasses and grass-like plants. They eat in the morning and evening, and rest during the day.

Prairie grassBison resting in prairie grassland

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