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Oban the Knowledge Keeper

Welcome! Welcome! my friend.

You have found your way to the games area..

I like to take time off from collecting legends and just have fun.

Come back here often and you will find fun games to play and puzzles to tickle your brain.

Word Search Games and Puzzles

Free Online Word Search Games

Word Search Games to spin your brain. You can solve the free games in this animal word search collection online in your browser.

Kangaroo  Coyote  Tiger
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Free Word Search Puzzles Printables

Word Search Puzzle Printables. Grab your markers and pencils for some printable fun. To solve word puzzles in this collection you first have to print them out.

Pizza  Vegetable  Dragon
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Ozzoom - Word search puzzles and free download games

Ozzoom free games and puzzles. Games to play online or download for free.

US States   US Presidents Gettysburg Address   Egyptian Pharaohs  Luxor 2  Titanic Expedition Hidden Words  Civil War Battles   Big Fish Game  Fairy Godmother



Cross Word Puzzles

Oban's Brain Torture - Twists your brain

   Oban's Brain Teaser - The answers are all around you         

Coloring Book

Click on the drawing you want to color to make it bigger

Click Oban to see coloring bookClick Sanjit to see coloring bookClick Agor to see coloring book




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