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Sanjit's Dragon Word Search Puzzle


A lot of people say dragons aren't real.

I know they're wrong because Agor the Dragon is real and he's my best friend. Agor takes me flying high in the sky on his back and he tells me funny jokes and stories.

We play video games together, watch tv and read stories and sometimes we play tricks on uncle Oban. When we play one-on-one basketball, Agor cheats and flaps his wings to fly up and slam dunk the ball.

That's OK, we're just having fun. Sometimes we just hang out together and don't do much at all.

Agor is my very best friend and he's totally cool. See if you can find all the words about dragons. And remember, dragons are real because Agor is real.

It's better if you print the page first before you try and find the words. A dragon might look over your shoulder and dribble on the keyboard.

Dragon Word Search

Dragon Word Search Puzzle Word List Dragon Word Search Puzzle

Let me know if you if you find all the Dragon words I've hidden..

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