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Why Save Animals And Plants Species? Part 2

Why should we save as many species as possible?

There are several reasons, including:


Habitat with trees and lakeAnimals and plants need each other. When too many species die out too quickly, other species suffer.

Our world needs many different animals and plants, and different types of habitats for them and us to live in. This is called biodiversity.

Plants and trees filter our water and give us oxygen. Birds help to control pests and spread seeds. Bacteria and insects make soil more fertile so that crops can grow. Humans need many different animals for food and clothes and animals need other animals for food.

We learn from animals and plants

Saguaro cactus in Arizona desert habitatWe learn about medicines from plants and animals, and we need them for many of the medicines we use.

We can also study how animals and plants survive in different climates and conditions and learn from them.

Animals and plants can tell us when things aren't right

Frog on a rockSometimes we don’t know there is a problem until something happens to animals and plants and we ask why.

For example, we now know that if frogs and turtles are in trouble, we probably have a problem with our water supply.


We owe it to future generations

Everglades habitatWe want our children and grandchildren to be able to see and enjoy what we have seen.

Many endangered animals are beautiful to look at. Trees and plants make our lives better with their shade and colours.

We enjoy visiting parks and bushland and seeing the animals and plants there. We want our children and grandchildren to enjoy them too.

Baby Gorilla eatingEndangered LeopardBrown Bear

All species of animals and plants are interconected

But we don't yet know all the connections!

Tell me again