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Oban's Myths & Legends

Kangaroo gets a pouch
Based on an Australian Aboriginal Legend - retold by Oban

Oban the Knowledge Keeper

"Joey! Where are you?" called Mother Kangaroo, searching for her son. "Come here now." Mother Kangaroo looked around, under all the bushes, but couldn't see her Joey.

"That boy has too much energy," she mumbled to herself. "He's always hopping off." Using her paw, she shaded her eyes from the bright sun and looked around for her Joey again.

"Here I am!" an excited voice yelled behind her.

"Aaah!" screamed Mother Kangaroo, hopping six feet in the air and landing with a thud. "Joey, you frightened me!" she said.

"Sorry Mother," said Joey.

"That's alright," she answered, rubbing his head fondly. "But you shouldn't hop off by yourself. It can be dangerous."

"But Mother, there are so many exciting things to see. I get bored standing here eating grass."

"Grass is good for you," said Mother Kangaroo. "Now be a good Joey, and don't go hopping off again."

She put her head down and munched the sweet grass. When she looked up, Joey had disappeared again. She gave a big sigh and started looking for him again.

Up ahead she saw the leaves on a bush shaking. "Ah! That's my Joey," she said. She hopped over quickly, and bumped into a fat old wombat.  Continue