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Oban's Myths & Legends

By Rachel - Age 11
Leicester, England

Long ago the Rhinoceros didn't have a horn. Just a long, gray head.

Now the Rhinoceros wanted to be different. He thought of every thing. A mane, but the lion and horse already had that. Speed, but the Cheetah had that. Everything he thought of someone already had it.

One day the Rhinoceros was walking across the beach, when he saw a shell, shaped like a horn. He said "This is a very nice shell, I will keep it."

The next day the Rhinoceros gathered all his friends to decide what the Rhinoceros should have to make him different.

Suddenly the Platypus started shouting "A flat tail, a flat tail."

"But you have that" said the Cheetah

"Oh" the Platypus exclaimed.

Just then the Platypus's tail got caught on the shell and flicked it onto the Rhinoceros's head. The animals pulled and pulled to get it off, but the more they pulled the more it got stuck. The Rhino thought and said "stop, this will make me look different."

The animals all looked back. He was right it did look different.

So from then on the Rhinoceros raises its head proudly, and says "look at my horn, you will never see anything like it again."

The end

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