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Why there are clouds
By Nicole Hamilton
Grade 6 student Grosvenor School
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In the forest long, long ago, there lived an old man. The man lived with his son. The old man's name was Wise Man and his son's name was Little Wolf.

Wise Man looked very old and wrinkled. His eyes were filled with wisdom and his head was covered in long white hair. Little Wolf's hair was black, black as the darkest night.

Little Wolf's eyes could see a toothpick in a whole pile of hay. He could run like a cheetah and he could kill a bear with his bare hands.

"Father, we are so lucky to live in the forest together. It is so beautiful, " Little Wolf told his father.

"Yes, Little Wolf," Wise Man answered. "But I will not always be here with you, some day I will die and you will hunt and cook for yourself."

"I do not want to live without you, " Little Wolf replied and he ran off crying.

Wise Man went to where his son was crying. "I will not go now so let us share the moments we have, " Wise man told Little Wolf.

Little Wolf asked, "Can we go fishing in the beautiful lake?"

"Of course," answered Wise Man.

The two of them went to the still lake. They got into the canoe and paddled to the middle of the lake. As soon as they set out the rods they both caught a fish.

When it started to get dark the two of them went back to their tipi with five fish each. Little Wolf got into the bedroll and fell asleep.

The next morning Wise Man was not up yet. Little Wolf thought something was wrong because Wise Man was always up before him. Little Wolf went back into the tipi and saw Wise Man lying there.

"Little Wolf," Wise Man said, "I am sick and I need Medicine."

Littler Wolf ran to the medicine pouch and got 4 different medicines that Wise Man would have to take every day. Wise Man was taking the medicine for 4 days and then he died.

It was the saddest day of Little Wolf's life.

That evening as Little Wolf sat mournfully looking at the sky, he saw something familiar. It was white and fluffy.

"Father!" Little Wolf cried. The fluffy face nodded and the eyes twinkled.

It was Wise Man. Now every once in a while Wise Man would come down and give Little Wolf advice on how to live.

That is why there are clouds

The End

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