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Why Swans are White
By Brooke - Aged 9
Joliet - Illinois, USA

Grey swan feathers“I want to be white,” said Sam the swan. “Me too!” said the others. “How are we going to get white?”

“I think I know a way,” said Sam. “You know how clouds are white? If we stay up there in the clouds for ten days, we’ll be white. Follow me!”

The swans flew up into the clouds and stayed there for ten days. But when they came down, the whiteness only lasted for two days. “Oh, no! My feathers are gray,” said Sam. “Ours too,” said the others. “What’s another way?”

Snow fellThat night Sam wished upon a star.

Then the next day it started snowing. All the people went inside, but the swans stayed out in the snow.

White swanThe next day they turned white, and stayed white forever. They were so so so soo happy.

“I’m so happy that we’re not gray,” said Sam. “Us too,” said the others. “We finally got to be white.”

Now you know why swans are white.


How the Tornado got its Twist
By Ashley - Aged 9
Joliet - Illinois, USA

Tornado on prairieOne day a little kid was walking on a prairie and saw a tornado. He started to run home to tell his family.

His mom said “If we can make it spin, we will make history!”

So they gathered at least 100 people or so. The little boy led them to the exact spot where the tornado was. His dad counted 1... 2...3 and said “Blow as hard as you can!”

BlowThey all blew so hard that their faces turned red! Soon the tornado started to spin. It spun so fast that it blew away!

And that is how the tornado got its twist.



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